Job Title:  Server

Job Summary:  Serve drinks and food to customers.  

Server Qualifications:

Friendly personality and ability to create rapport with customers

Good customer service and communication skills

Ability to balance trays and carry weight of up to 10 pounds on a regular basis

Good short term memory retention for recalling customer orders

Ability to operate a POS system

Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

Greet customers with a smile and if possible, by name.  

Receive customer orders and serve them in a timely (but not rushed) manner.

Be attentive to customers – watch for empty glasses and offer refills accordingly.

Accept payment of customer checks and give customers receipts.

Know drink prices and ingredients.

Ensure customers are pleased with their experience by asking questions and doing what you can to accommodate customers

Minimize waste and spillage.

Recommend drinks and appetizers to customers – part of your job is to be a salesperson for the menu.

Try to remember regular customer’s drink orders. 

Operate POS system and handle cash – following all cash procedures.

Make sure tables are clean and periodically clear finished dishes and trash off of customer’s tables.

Attend staff meetings.

Follow all health and safety regulations.

Check all customer identification to ensure they are of legal drinking age

Monitor customers’ alcohol intake, alerting management and slowing or stopping service for intoxicated customers

Participate in bar promotions and events

Fill in as needed during busy and understaffed times

How to apply:  Complete an application at any of our locations. If you have any questions please email us at