Job Title:  Kitchen Staff

Job Summary:  Prepare food for customers in a timely manner.  

Kitchen Staff Qualifications:

Ability to read and communicate in the same language as staff members and customers.

Kitchen experience 3+ years

Knowledge of cooking techniques needed to create menu items

Ability to follow recipes

Ability to multitask

Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

Keep the kitchen area clean.

Prepare food in an orderly and timely manner.

Follow standardized recipes.

Communicate with servers regarding customer meals – asking questions when orders aren’t clear and solving problems with items that have been prepared

Maintain all equipment and tools.

Retrieve and stock items for use in the kitchen using proper rotation procedures.

Minimize waste and spillage.

Attend staff meetings.

Follow all health and safety regulations.

Note any problems or shortages and communicate them to the manager. 

Follow customer requests in regard to orders.

Ensure every item that leaves the kitchen meets quality standards.

Arrange food on plates with an attractive presentation. 

Ensure proper portion control.

Prepare kitchen for opening and closing.

Fill in as needed during busy and understaffed times.

How to apply:  Complete an application at our downtown location. Please email us at with any questions.