Job Title:  Bartender

Job Summary:  Receive and prepare drink orders for guests and servers in a friendly and timely manner in a high paced environment.

Bartender Qualifications:

Be at least 21 years of age

Knowledge of liquor, beer and wine – types and brands

Ability to prepare and mix popular cocktails 

Knowledge of the proper glassware used for different types of drinks

Ability to operate a POS system

Ability to lift and carry cases of liquor, beer and wine

Strong customer service and communication skills

Friendly personality and ability to create rapport with customers

Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

Greet customers with a smile and if possible, by name.  Recognizing customers is essential – always acknowledge customers even if you are busy. 

Recommend specialty drinks and appetizers as necessary.

Mix and pour drinks for customers.

Fulfill server drink orders.

Receive and serve all food and drink orders for customers at bar. 

Be attentive to customers – watch for empty glasses and offer refills accordingly.

Accept payment of customer checks and give customers receipts.

Keep the bar area clean.

Check all customer identification to ensure they are of legal drinking age.  

Know drink prices and ingredients.

Follow drink recipes and pour amounts.

Stocking items for use in the bar using proper rotation procedures.

Minimize waste and spillage.

Attend staff meetings.

Follow all health and safety regulations.

Monitor customers’ alcohol intake, slowing or stopping service for intoxicated customers.

Operate POS system and handle cash – following all cash procedures.

Wash glassware and prepare garnishes.

Participate in bar promotions and events

Fill in as needed during busy and understaffed times

Train barback when necessary

How to apply:  Complete an application at any of our locations. If you have any questions please email us at